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Founded in 1992, A.L. Vineyard Construction, Inc has established a reputation for excellence in the Construction industry. We are a seasoned Construction company that specializes in rough carpentry and General contracting which gives us the flexibility to dedicate our time and attention to all of our client’s needs. Principal involvement is key to how we run our projects and ensure the utmost efficiency of our work which can be confirmed by any of our client references. Andrew Vineyard is the Founder and President of A.L. Vineyard Construction, Inc., with over thirty years of experience in the Construction industry. Mr. Vineyard was in the United States Marine Corps where he learned to be a team player and utilize the discipline he acquired to work with focus and dedication.

A.L. Vineyard Construction, Inc., started with panelized wood roof structures and expanded into seismic strengthening of older buildings in order to bring them up to today’s standards. With the ever-increasing seismic activity that California has been experiencing, it is important to bring these structures up to code as close as possible to protect lives and investments. Our field supervisors have earned the respected reputation with our customers and county/state inspectors for getting the job done right and efficient. We excel in excellence for meticulous work ethics along with experienced leadership to get the visions of the client to take form. We excel in all aspects of the project and self-perform the structural wood framing which lets us stay on top of the pace of the project.

A.L. Vineyard Construction, Inc., has recognized that the trend of construction has completely changed in recent times, using construction materials, machinery, and expertise together is what we strongly put emphasis on. Our aim is and has always been to provide our customers and clients the cutting-edge solution pertaining to any construction needs. We furnish and install rough carpentry work for hospitals, country clubs, churches, educational, theatres, government work, private and public.  Our projects range from a small HVAC upgrade to a large seismic building repair and strengthening.

We have access to highly respected engineers and architects to help with the vision of our clients, if needed. We are also able to help with the design development in order to provide the most cost – effective design. We are able to effectively translate the complexity of the job to a client that is not familiar with the terms, so the client clearly understands. Our highly efficient production process has proven that “working together” translates into cost savings and finishing on time.

In the area of leadership and supervision, A.L. Vineyard Construction Inc. provides extensive knowledge for troubleshooting in almost every aspect of structural wood framing. There are many contractors who like to take the shortcut to put a band aid on the problem costing the client more money down the line. We do not take shortcuts! We believe that it is more important to solve problems than point fingers. We believe in a client-driven project management process that places you at the center of the construction process; your needs drive every decision we make, from pre-construction through project completion. You always get an optimal design from us that addresses any potential issues before they become a surprising costly fix.

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