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Seismic Retrofit

Minimize risk of loss of life and use of building through seismic strengthening and earthquake retrofitting. Reduce insurance costs and increase property values. Easier to sell a building with the improvements.

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Full Service Wood Framing

Commercial Wood Framing Leader in fast track high production projects. Emergency Roof repairs. Emergency shoring. Glu-lam beam repair. Roof truss repair.

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Structural Shoring

24 hour emergency shoring services for building integrity and stablization. Proprietary unique structural shoring methods to miminize loss of business use.

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New Beam Replacement or Repair

Removing the damaged glu lam beam and replacing with a new proper sized beam is often more cost effective in the long run. Repairs can be made to damaged glulam beams depending on the extent and the cause of the damage.

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Latest Technology
Orange County General Contractors
A.L. Vineyard Construction, Inc. understands the value of delivering a higher level of construction methods on specialized, intricate and challenging projects.
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Seismic Experts
Seismic Strengthening Los Angeles
Seismic commercial building retrofit focuses on vulnerable connection points. Walls usually require stronger connection to floors, foundations and roof structural elements.
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How We’re Different
Commercial Construction Contractors
We have worked in subzero temperatures and completed major roof repairs and roof structure beam replacements without any loss of tenants production.
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